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一方では、このアプリケーションを使用することで得られる最大の利点は、複雑なインストールや物理的な材料の配送を必要としないことです。したがって、チュートリアルと時間の延長で時間を無駄にしないでください。あなたがしなければならないのは、数秒でインストールされるアプリケーションをダウンロードすることです。次に、好みの学習パッケージを選択して、使用する準備が整います。アプリケーションのプレミアムバージョンの支払いは、Visa、MasterCard、American Express、PayPal、または電信送金カードを使用してオンラインでのみ行うことができます。 Mondlyサービスを無料で利用できることを知っておくと便利です。ただし、この方法の利点ははるかに少ないため、学習プロセスに制限があると感じる場合があります。




How can I cancel an order placed on

If you want to cancel an order that has not been paid or has not been processed, all you have to do is log in to the customer account within the site, go to the orders section and select the order you want to order year. For orders already paid you need to contact the store representatives.

How can I return the ordered products from this store?

After completing a return form, you can send the unused and unused products to the address that was indicated to you after the return confirmation, before the 14-day deadline after receiving the package, according to the return policy.

What payment methods can I use at the Modlily store?

For the moment, this online store only accepts payment through online systems, by debit or credit cards, belonging to Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover, as well as through the PayPal account or card.

What is the biggest discount offered by a Modlily coupon or a promotional offer?

The store is recognized for organizing lightning-reduction sessions, which last only one day, but which come with promotions that lower prices by up to 80%. You can also find 10, 20, 30 or even 40% coupons during Cyber ​​Monday, Black Friday, and other holidays and events throughout the year.

How can I save money when I buy clothes or dresses from Modlily?

In addition to the generous discounts offered by promotional coupons, you can purchase your favorite products right from its page, where they are reduced by up to 70%. Also, the loyal customers of the store, who choose to create their account, can receive a 20% discount coupon. At the same time, subscribing to the store's newsletter will also bring you a price reduction of $ 25 for the first order.

What can I buy from this online fashion store?

Modlily is the place where you can enrich yourself, change or renew your wardrobe completely, being the ideal place where women, of all ages, can find unique clothing, suitable for special and elegant occasions, or simply clothes, shoes and accessories for everyday life. Also, here you can find a wide range of swimwear and underwear available, as well as the clothing department and Plus Size.

What are the contact details of the Modlily store?

You can contact the store team by e-mail (, by filling out an online form, which you can find right within the site, as well as by filling out a ticket, containing the essential details of the order and the concerns you have. you have it. Modlily also has a very active presence in the online environment, on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube platforms, the accounts that you can recognize by the username @fashionmodlily.

05 8月 2021